Peer Mentoring

Mrs. Cherie Roshau applied for a grant from The Bank of North Dakota. The grant was approved for $25,000 to initiate an after school program for students seeking to improve their learning skills with the help of peer mentors. This role as a mentor is one of honor and integrity which will open the possibility for post high school scholarships. Peer mentoring programs are an effective means of helping students to succeed in the classroom.

Peer mentoring helps new students adapt to a new academic environment. Mentors are chosen because they are academically successful and because they possess good communication, social and leadership skills. Mentors serve as positive role models for the students, guiding them towards academic and social success. Mentors provide support, advice, encouragement, and even friendship to students.

The peer mentors would meet with students for a minimum of four times a week, for a forty-five minute study session per day. Currently we have ten mentees and three mentors who have been working extremely hard to help the students improve on their study skills, organizational skills, and improve their grade point average. The mentees will be able to earn gift cards as well as put their name in a drawing for an iPad at the end of each semester. The mentors will be able to apply for a college $1,000.00 scholarship at the end of each semester. When the students meet after school, refreshments and snacks are always provided. We wish to thank the Bank of North Dakota for their generous gift.