How We Did This Year

The goal for this year is to transport wind mill blades across a bridge without harming the “prairie chickens” and assemble the windmill. This year’s game day was hosted at Trinity high school. Killdeer’s robotics team made it to the final rounds in the robot competition and got third overall. We also received an award for having the most Photogenic Machine and we placed first in Booth Team Exhibit and Interview, second in Marketing Presentation, third in Engineering Notebook, and third place in the Best award allowing us to go to all state regionals. We would like to thank all of our sponsors, fellow sudents, and parents for there support in our Robotics Team. Please come and support us at Fargo’s Civic Center on the 4th-6th of December.


This year we have had about a 75% increase in members from last year. We hope to continue getting new members to keep expanding this program. We highly suggest that anyone going into a programming or engineering fields join this program to possibly help them learn practical application of that field. This year we have gotten about 20 people to join robotics.

Seth Weaver- Head Engineer

Cameron Newbold- Chief Programmer

Dillion Calkins- Booth Leader

Vance Strommen- Designer

Caleb Musick- Head Marketer

Shad Musicks- CEO

Angel Calkins- CFO

Michael Theesen- Executive Secretary

Brianna Suits- Booth CFO

Hannah Smyth- Presentation Creator

Hannah Rebsom- Researcher

Rachael Voigt- Researcher

Celeste Musick- Head Marketer

Cody Schaper- T-shirt Designer

Abigail Zastopile- T-shirt Designer

Sydra Morrison- Mascot

Gracie Kudrna- Poster Creater

Caitlyn Benz- Cheif Artist

Aidan Bird- Poster Creator

Ayana Kovash- Poster Creator