What is the B.E.S.T. Robotics competition? BEST studies for Boosting, Engineering, Science and Technology. The field has 4 sections and has no walls so viewers can see what is gong on. There is a windmill in the middle with a community and individual scoring bins. Basically if a piece of corn is put in a teams bin it is worth 20 points and if the piece of corn lands in the community bin the 20 points is distributed evenly to all the groups or in other words 5 points to all the teams.


We plan to plant the corn seeds right away for every seed it is 10 points, and each team can plant up to 24 seeds. Next we are going to move to harvesting the corn, we can harvest up to 24 on each side. There is a 30 point bonus for each corn planted and harvested.

IMG_0458Corn Rows

IMG_0460Tomatoes and Lettuce

If there is time left we are hoping on harvesting the tomatoes, each tomato is 20 points.

Building Process  

Engineering design and building process consisted of many ideas, we had multiple designs and many thoughts. Brainstorming was started on the way home from the Kick-off day in Fargo. We began by coming up with our strategy so we could build our robot to fit the strategical needs, namely how to get as much done as possible in the least amount of time. we came up with mainly four robot designs and a general idea of our strategy.


                       Our  old robot

Our Team

7th Grade

Curt Jacobson- Assistant Engineer

Robbie Sadowsky- Assistant Engineer

8th Grade

Jessie Wardrobe- CAD Design

Eli Spears- Assistant Engineer

Elijah Kittleson- Assistant Engineer

9th Grade

Cami Mcgregor- Graphic Design

Daicie Mindt- Graphic Design

10th Grade

Garret Calkins- Cheif Engineer

Stephen Westarp-  Engineer

11th Grade

Alondra Renova- Graphic Design

Dakota Bowen- Engineer

Anthony Spears- Head Programmer

Rachel Voigt- Head of Sales

Aaron Suits- Cheif Researcher

Sierra Calkins- Graphic Designer

12th Grade

Vance Strommen- CEO

Seth Weaver- Engineering Consulting



Bakken Diesel

Sample Auto Sales

Tee Bench

J.E. Roustabout

Twin Falls Oil Service

Jodeo’s LLP

Kellys Kustom Meats


Mary Kay Cosmetics


Prairie Implement & Equipment Inc

Kelly Summerfield Ameriean Bank Center

Hinrichs Supervalu T-shirt Sales