What is the B.E.S.T. Robotics competition? BEST stands for Boosting, Engineering, Science and Technology. Every year BEST presents us with a different theme, this year’s theme is Crossfire, which deals with firefighting and first response team. The field has 4 sections and has no walls so viewers can see what is gong on. The field has 3 zones, The Cold zone, Hot zone, and the No entry zone. The cold zone all teams can maneuver through, the Hot zone only the team with the same color can enter, and the No entry zone is where the fire is located, and no part of the robot can go. Our objectives are to put out the fire, rescue a mannequin, and extract dangerous chemicals.

There are 5 parts to the BEST competition, the engineering notebook, booth, marketing presentation, team spirit, and the actual robots performance. The engineering notebook includes all of the steps we took ever since kick-off day towards building our robot. Things like that would include brainstorming ideas, painting, and the assembly of the robot. The booth has our members, sponsors, building process, programing, T-shirt design, and our robot. The marketing presentation is a small group of our team going to talk to a judge as if we’re trying to sell our robot to a company. The speech would include reasons they should pick our robot over any others, things that our robot may be able to do that others can’t, and a lineup for our members, and their jobs. Team spirit is how lively we are in the stands, how we treat the other teams around us. Robot performance is just how our robot does on the course.


We plan on shooting for Manny first (120 pts), the faster we get him the bigger of a time bonus we get (up to 180 pts). Then going for the chemical drums (40 pts each). If there’s any time left, we get as much of the fire as possible (5 pts per cup).


The Game Field

img_1169The burning building

If there is time left we are hoping on working on putting out more of the fire.

Building Process  

Engineering design and building process consisted of many ideas, we had multiple designs and many thoughts. Brainstorming was started on the way home from the Kick-off day in Fargo. We began by coming up with our strategy so we could build our robot to fit the strategical needs, namely how to get as much done as possible in the least amount of time. we came up with mainly four robot designs and a general idea of our strategy.


Our Robot

Our Team

7th Grade

Aidan Kennedy- Assistant Engineer

Dylan Jones- Assistant Engineer

Ethan Enney- Assistant Engineer

Miles Roberts- Assistant Engineer

Tate Simmons- Assistant Engineer

8th Grade

Brook Hutchinson- Graphic Designer

Myca Rhys- Graphic Designer

Robbie Sadowsky- Graphic Designer

9th Grade

Brendon Gibson- CFO

Cheyenne Carr- Graphic Designer

Eli Spears- Executive Secretary

Jessie Wardrobe- Assistant Programmer

10th Grade

Daicie Mindt- Graphic Designer

11th Grade

Chasity Tomkins- Social Media Director

Garret Calkins- CEO

Patrick Williams- Graphic Designer

Stephen Westarp-  Head Engineer

12th Grade

Aaron Suits- Head Graphic Designer

Anthony Spears- Head Programmer

Michael Hutchinson- Mascot

Rachel Voigt- Sales Representative

Sierra Calkins- Head of Sales



Bakken Diesel

Killdeer Mountain Manufacturing


Sample Auto Sales

2 7/8 Bar


TeeBench Construction

Hinrichs Supervalu

JD Fencing LLC


Westlie Motor Company