What is Robotics

Robotics is an extra circular activity where students compete in a competition that involves real world applications of jobs such as transporting goods, building machines, and presenting a business. This type of activity allows students to learn life skills. These skills include things like practical application of science, math and business. Math is used to make precise measurements and make sure that we are compliant with the size requirements and making sure that all the parts fit together properly. Science is used to help design the robot to complete some of the tasks provided in the competition.  Business is used to help present and sell our factitious company to possible clients (or judges in our competition). Every year there is a new objective for the students to contemplate and figure out a way to complete.This plays an important role in the designing and engineering process or the development of teams robots.  These processes are mostly used by the build team, the team where the robot, booth exhibit and other miscellaneous parts are prototyped, developed and modified for perfection. Each team must prove that there robot can complete the tasks at hand  better then any other competing teams. They do this by competing on a game field that is a large square split into four large triangles. In each triangle there is a realistic job scenario to be do completed. For example in the 2014 BEST competition we had to relocate three prairie chickens made of PVC pipe to a new area to prevent any harm to wild life in the surrounding area. Then teams must activate an over weight permit gate by pushing a button. This allows them to move components such as a large turbines, small turbine blades and/or small turbine blade hub assembly across a bad road, activated by a button, or a bad road. Keep in mind that any buttons pushed to activate equipment and parts transported across then field will give points to the competing team. Then once curtain components are transported to the other end of the triangle you are placed in you may then start to assemble the large or small turbine. Once certain components are into the large or small turbine towers then they may be raised to the up position to count for points. Each team competes a curtain number of rounds with three minutes in each round. The more points you score the higher your ranking. There are also points for team members cheering each other on and how well each team presents there factitious company to the judges, or potential clients and how well the company is structured.

Who Can Join and How

Robotic will take any students 7th grade and up. To join all you have to do is come to the meetings after school in the fall in Dr. West’s room.