2019-2020 School Board Members:

Board of Directors:

President: Pamla Kukla

Vice President: Levi Bang

Directors: Scott Bice, April Dutchuk, Larry Lundberg

**Board Meets the 2nd Wednesday of each Month**



New School Build Site Plan

Download (PDF, 230KB)

The decision for a site on the new Killdeer High School was a long process based on reviewing many sites and weighing many factors. The following factors were used in the decision:


  1. Safety: The safety of our students was foremost in our minds when choosing the future site of Killdeer High School. We wanted a location that was on the same side of Hwy 22 as the elementary and one that was an easy drop off for parents, buses and teenage drivers. A “straight shot” along High Street seemed like an ideal answer.
  2. Acreage: We chose a location that was 40 acres. We didn’t want to be landlocked as our current location is now. We wanted a location that would give Killdeer Public School much needed parking and potential for growth. We are building a school not for the next couple of years, but for the next generations. A location must be large enough for whatever growth or changes that might come.
  3. Location: After viewing the future site for the Killdeer High School, the board was struck by the view. The location will give the potential backdrop of the Killdeer Mts, the city of Killdeer and the Rodeo Grounds. All areas that we should showcase to our students, patrons and visitors.
  4. Availability and Cost: The board was offered the land for the agreed on asking price and at the time we needed it for our construction timeline.
  5. Topography and Soil: Testing was done that showed that the site would support the structures we would be building not only now but also in any future developments.


The location for the future Killdeer High School was not an easy decision to make, but the Killdeer School Board has chosen a site that is structural and fiscally best for new growth.