Fun Facts

Accountability Report

Top 15%

KHS Ranked in the Top 15% of public schools in the state for 2020-2021

48% Choice Ready

48% of our Class of 2021 graduated Choice Ready

601 Students

Total Enrollment in Grades K-12 2022-23

93% Attendance


Spotlight - Playground Donors

Playground Grand Opening

Chair: Ashlynn Helfrich, Members: Greta Pennington, Cheyanne Olson, Skyler Niebuhr

-KPS Playground Committee

Marathon Oil Logo

Platinum Sponsor - Marathon Oil

SM Fencing Logo

Gold Sponsor - SM Fencing

AH Inc Logo

Gold Sponsor - AH Inc

JD Fencing Logo

Gold Sponsor - JD Fencing

Cowboy Logo

Silver Sponsor - Pale Horse Services Inc - Dickinson, ND

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Silver Sponsor - Candyce Kleeman

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Silver Sponsor - Tee Bench Inc - Mandaree, ND

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Silver Sponsor - Killdeer Parent Teacher Activities (KPTA)

Brad Gjermundson on a horse

Silver Sponsor - Gjermundson Ranch and Brad & Jackie

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Silver Sponsor - Benz Oil