Fun Facts

Accountability Report

Top 15%

KHS Ranked in the Top 15% of public schools in the state for 2020-2021

48% Choice Ready

48% of our Class of 2021 graduated Choice Ready

598 Students

Total Enrollment in Grades K-12 2020-21

93% Attendance


Spotlight - New Faces to KPS


It's good to be home and teaching in Killdeer!

- Ms. Flaget, Kindergarten


I'm excited to be in Killdeer and getting to know everyone in the community!

- Mr. Johnson, KHS Ag


I'm so excited to have my own classroom where I went to school. Once a Killdeer Cowboy, always a Killdeer Cowboy!

- Mrs. Moore, 2nd Grade


I'm happy to be here in the library helping our students love reading!

- Ms. Neurohr, Elem Library


Mr. Dukart is a great addition to our district team. He's grown up in this community and takes pride in working for our school.

- Mr. Dukart, Facilities


Mrs. Thormahlen stepped right in to take care of our student's health needs. She does it all with a smile on her face!

- Mrs. Thormahlen, Nurse